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Progressive and dynamic therapy service.

  We offer both face to face and online therapy  

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Psychology Session

When was the last time you felt at ease, calm, balanced and totally relaxed and had this feeling last for days? Perhaps you need help getting motivated with achieving your goals or maybe you have a few issues you need help working through. 

Whatever the reason for contacting us, you can be assured we will listen, support and work with you to resolve whatever it is you are experiencing.

We have rooms in Hampton Hill and Twickenham with easy access to public transport and parking or of course nationwide online.

Please call this number between 9am and 5pm to talk to us directly or leave a message.  Alternatively email us to make an appointment for a free consultation.

About Wings to Fly

We are experienced therapists and mental health coaches, who met whilst working at a mental health charity and have been helping people manage their mental health and wellbeing for 10 years.  Our specialisms include: Loss and bereavement, end of life (palliative) support, stress and anxiety, depression. We believe that you are the expert in you and so we want to empower you to make the changes you want in your life by helping you identify what may be holding you back and working with you to address your difficulties and help maintain your equilibrium. 


How does it work?


Unlike traditional therapy, we use a unique blend of self help strategies, personalised coaching and evidence based therapies such as cognitive behavioural, ACT and solution focused therapy (see types of therapies for more details)

Our approach helps you to train your mind by addressing thought patterns to manage your mental wellbeing through a range of psychological strategies to allow you to let go of self limiting beliefs, increase your confidence and focus on the things that are really important to you.

Why Choose us over other therapists?

As a team, working together, we are able to offer a wider range of specialisms and strategies.

We attend regular professional development seminars and meetings to keep up to date with research.

We are able to see you without a waiting list and aim to call you back within 24 hours.

Unlike some large online therapy services, we don't use an algorithm to match you to your therapist - we will personally offer you a free initial chat to establish what you want from your therapy.

We are happy for our clients to take a dip in/dip out approach to sessions.  Whether you come for a one off half hour session or on a more regular basis, be that weekly or monthly, we want you to feel comfortable with the time commitment.


We offer a blended approach - you can mix up seeing us in person and online sessions according to your preference and commitments. 


1 hour individual session: £50

1/2 hour top up session: £35

Block of 6 sessions: £240

For corporate and training rates please enquire.

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What Next?

1. Book a free initial consultation, a 30 minute session or a full 50 minute session. This gives you the opportunity to express your concerns and what it is you want to gain from your therapy or coaching. You can then decide whether you would like to continue.


2. Begin your journey of moving on with the life you want to lead on your terms!

Our Mission and Values

Key Messages

  • We are a dedicated, friendly and approachable organisation.

  • We utilise research and evidence based approaches to manage mental wellbeing.

  • We have 10 years experience of supporting individuals and organisations with their mental health.

Our Values

 Focused on helping you achieve freedom from mental unrest and to live the life you want.



Listening to you and working with you ethically and in accordance with our high professional standards.




Working with you empathically and providing person centred support.



Our Mission

  • Provide high quality, forward looking support based on evidence and research.

  • Aiming to make mental health support accessible and inclusive for all by keeping our costs at a minimum and setting up a callback within 24 hours of you contacting us.

  • Empowering you to take back control and responsibility of your life. 

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

- Vivian Greene


Laurence aged 16, has learning difficulties and is trying to decide what vocational course to study at college. 



"I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed about a difficult choice. Talking to my parents just made it worse. Wings to Fly helped me think about what steps I needed to take next. It was nice to get some friendly advice and I just feel much so much better about the future!" 


Laurence's Mum

"I was aware that every conversation that we had about college resulted in Laurence feeling more and more stressed, so I was very keen for him to talk to a friendly professional who would help him find some focus - without the emotional baggage! I am very grateful to Wings to Fly for helping Laurence clarify his thoughts and start to see how he can make this decision about his future. We will definitely use them again."

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Meet the Team

Saida Sood


Saida has been supporting people with their mental health for over 10 years. She has worked as a mental health advisor both in voluntary and private organisations helping people with anxiety and depression, enabling them to move forward with their lives. She also currently works as a counsellor in Oncology working with end of life, bereavement and cancer patients. She uses a personalised  approach to ensure all support is closely matched to the client's needs. Saida is also an Autism Consultant and has worked as a mentor with adults with autism supporting clients in finding and maintaining work, friendships and social interactions as well as supporting their mental health.


Lucy Bello

Having relocated various times worldwide, on her return, Lucy completed a PG Diploma in Career Guidance with an emphasis on the links with mental health.  Over the past 8 years, she has moved into solution focused psychological support, using coaching and counselling skills to help her clients build resilience in order to manage stress and anxiety, as well as learning to deal with uncertainty and change.  She works with clients of all ages using an integrative approach.  She has recently been working with a cancer support centre offering emotional support and counselling.


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