Wild Nature

Laurence aged 16, has learning difficulties and is trying to decide what vocational course to study at college. 



"I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed about a difficult choice. Talking to my parents just made it worse. Wings to Fly helped me think about what steps I needed to take next. It was nice to get some friendly advice and I just feel much so much better about the future!" 


Laurence's Mum

"I was aware that every conversation that we had about college resulted in Laurence feeling more and more stressed, so I was very keen for him to talk to a friendly professional who would help him find some focus - without the emotional baggage! I am very grateful to Wings to Fly for helping Laurence clarify his thoughts and start to see how he can make this decision about his future. We will definitely use them again."


I had been feeling anxious and demotivated for a while. My sessions with wings to fly enabled me to clarify what steps I needed to move me forward and deal with my anxiety. I felt understood and heard. Thank you!